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Our puppies are raising up in our household and they are in the touch with people and other dogs. When the puppies will leave our house they will be vaccinated and wormed many times. They will have Petpassport, microchip, purchase contract, some food for beginning, his favourite toys and blanket. The new owner will be informed about the care of the puppy. We sell puppies only with Pedigrees and only to a really responsible breeders or owners. We would like to stay in the touch with new owner of our puppy for his life. We would like to know how the puppy is loved in his new home & family.



The parents of our puppies are tested:
•  Heart diseases
•  Patella luxation
•  Eye disorders
•  Episodic Falling
•  Curly Coat & Dry Eye


If you are interested in a puppy from our Scarlett temkennel please write an e-mail including the following information:

to introduce yourself and your family

country and city where are you from and contact details

why did you decide for Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?

do you have som experiences with Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or with an other breed?

are you interested in a showquality puppy or only in a pet puppy?


Please note I don´t answer on message : „How much costs the puppy?“