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L“AMOUR NIGHT Scarlett team



2x Very promissing 1, The best puppy of males, BEST PUPPY of Clubshow SCKCHSC, 2x Excellent 1, 2x CAJC (SK)



Tornado Du Chateau Noblesse CH. Pascavale Valentino Pascavale Jacob Pascavale Kai
Pascavale Alice
Pascavale Faith Pascavale Smarty
Pascavale Brithany
CH. Baby Butterfly Du Chateau Noblesse CH.Gayhalo Montreal Maibee Montrose
Charnell Frolic
CH. Liane“s Queen Ann CH. Miletree Nijinsky“s Secret
Nancy vom Wesereck


MVD - negative

Eyes - negative

Patella Luxation - negative

Dna Episodic Falling, Dna Curly Coat Dry Eye Syndrome - clear


ICH.Pascavale Keanu GB CH. Maibee Make Believe GB CH. Lanola Santana of Maibee
Maibee Disenchanted
Pascavale Verona GB CH. Pascavale Jamie
Pascavale Trueluv
CH. Kiss Me If You Dare Scarlett team Gr.CH. CH. JCH. Chianti z Vrchu krįlu Maibee Moffat
CH. Kaishmar Karrianna“s Dream
Yasmin Scarlett team Ernesto Scarlett team
Ophelia Grand Canyon